Look at Abraham Lincoln through others' eyes, seeing history in an entirely different light. While historical text details what Lincoln thought or did and how he planned his actions, the collector of Lincoln holds tangible items, revealing how society saw or portrayed the president. Through collectibles, Lincoln is revealed not only as politician, but also as the subject of painters and sculptors. His influence on society and politics is brought to life in a way which can't be produced in a purely historical or biographical text.The first president to be photographed and have his photographs distributed to hundreds of thousands of citizens, Lincoln's image appears on medals, coins, stamps, and currency, and his story is told in books and pamphlets. Lincoln relics elevate him to an almost saint-like figure in society, and his assassination brought the nation to its knees in mourning. Over 950 photographs illustrate this multi-faceted look at Lincoln and how society still reveres him more than one hundred years after his death.
Stuart Schneider is a practicing attorney who has found the time to write (to date) ten books on collectibles and antiques. He lives in New Jersey.

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