It is difficult to overestimate the impact of plastics on our modern way of living. A quick look at your surroundings will give you the idea. Almost everywhere you look you will see them. Kitchen items, jewelry, radios, flooring, car parts, toys, furniture: plastics can be used for almost anything, and they have been. It is not surprising, then, that plastics are a rapidly growing area of collecting. Here is a field guide for the collector; written by one of America's foremost dealers, it presents over 500 items illustrated in full color, with helpful background material, descriptions, and a comprehensive price guide.This is a collectible field that is still open to the new collector. The prices on these objects are reasonable, and the objects themselves bring color, beauty, and a touch of nostalgia to the homes of their owners. In addition, the price on these collectible plastics has risen in coming years, as reflected in the newly revised price guide. This is an essential tool in this burgeoning field.
Jan Lindenberger is a nationally recognized dealer in plastics and in black collectibles. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and exhibits nationally.

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