This wonderful volume contains over three hundred images and line drawings detailing the influence of Dutch, Swedish, and English colonization on the wonderful examples of colonial architecture built in Delaware. Covering a period of time ranging from 1660-1840, these buildings span a range of styles, primarily residential, but including churches, public buildings, and even outhouses. Frame, brick, and stone edifices are beautifully portrayed, along with scores of architectural details including windows, doors, and an extraordinary number of interior images featuring fireplaces, paneled rooms, and much more. A section of measured drawings and profiles are invaluable to those hoping to restore or recreate these wonderful expressions by the earliest American architects.
George Fletcher Bennet first assembled this wonderul study of Early Architecture of Delaware in 1932 in a sadly limited edition of 1,200 copies. This rare book is happily revived, with a foreword by Bernie Herman is a professor of American Material Culture Studies and a professor of Art History and director of the Center for American Material Culture Studies at the University of Delaware.

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