In 1933, the Ingersoll-Waterbury Company produced a round Mickey Mouse wristwatch that is considered to be the first comic character watch. It started a movement that has continued for ninety years and shows little sign of letting up.This new and delightful book covers the history of character timepieces from the earliest clocks to the present day quartz wristwatches. With hundreds of beautiful color photographs it is a celebration of American imagination and artistry. Nearly every character watch from 1933 to 1972 is included, with some that have never before been reproduced in print. From 1972 to the present a wide selection of some of the best and most desirable of the 5000+ watches produced will jump off the page at you. Also covered are packaging, advertisements, and some of the ephemera developed with the watches.Organized chronologically, the book is divided into nine chapters. While principally concerned with wristwatches, each chapter also deals with pocket watches and clocks. The examples in the chapter are arranged alphabetically for each reference. At the end of each chapter is a section of lists to help the collector start his collection. A value guide is included.This book is written to enlighten, illuminate, and induce others to enjoy the comic watch hobby. A fun but important book for serious collectors, watch dealers, and students of Americana.

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