During the past one hundred years, thousands of trademarked fragrances have competed in the marketplace. Here are over 1000 examples, most of which have not appeared in previous books on the subject. From cork-stoppered, flora-scented toilette water that Victorian ladies daubed on their wrists on airless summer days to current fragrances that provide yet another avenue for individuality in the ambiance of today's modern woman, here are commercial fragrance bottles for the most avid aficionado. Spanning early examples and every decade of the 20th century, Commercial Fragrance Bottles covers a representative assortment-from the rare to the whimsical.Once it is published, Commercial Fragrance Bottles will become one of the standard books in the large, enthusiastic field of perfume bottle collecting.
Ms. Ball, from Connecticut, is a fashion historian who has written three books on costume jewelry and fashion accessories.Dorothy Torem is a jewelry designer extraordinaire and photographer from Providence, Rhode Island.

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