Tour Connecticut's most fascinating seaside hauntings. Nearly 400 years of spirited tales are covered, from the ghostly legacy of colonial witchcraft trials to cursed pirate gold, from spectral voices at haunted battlefields to ghost ships that sail stormy skies. Visit the cursed gravesite of Midnight Mary in New Haven's Evergreen Cemetery, who is said to have been buried alive, and shadow folk who silently flit among the ruins of Bridgeport's old Remington Arms Factory. Meet Ernie, the ghostly lighthouse keeper of New London's Ledge Light, and read about the Bridgeport Poltergeist that shocked the nation and inspired a major motion picture. There are ghost ships, treasure, and much more to entice you along the haunted seaside of Connecticut, but be prepared to be chilled.
Don Carter's interest in the paranormal began with the New England Paranormal Video Research Group, with whom he works as the team Historian and Case Researcher. Don works full time in campus law enforcement at a prestigious college, where he is sergeant of the midnight shift, a spooky time in its own right.

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