Printmakers today are sustained both by their traditions and by their willingness to embrace new technologies, new mediums, and innovative processes. Over 500 beautiful color images display the innovative work of 75 talented printmakers and 30 print shops. Traditional printing techniques featured include lithography, intaglio, screen print, and relief, while newer techniques include installation, digital, and fiber, among other forms of new print media. The artists speak for themselves, revealing why they create their art. Consequently, the readers will gain a deeper understanding of their world. These assembled prints reflect the talent of this time and in this place. The artists' mediums, patterns, images, and environments also capture our culture and attempt to foretell our future. This book will be a treasured resource for anyone who appreciates the printmaker's art.
Ashley Rooney has written many art books, including 100 New England Artists (2010), 100 Mid-Atlantic Artists (2011), 100 Midwestern Artists (2012), 100 Southern Artists (2012), 100 Northwestern Artists (2013), 100 Southwestern Artists (2013), Bespoke Furniture from 103 Artisans (2012), and Green Art: Trees, Leaves, and Bark (2013).Stephanie Standish is a printmaker based in Southeast Indiana. Trained at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Cranbrook Academy of Art, she is an active member of various print communities across the United States. Together, they have brought about this fascinating collection of printmakers and print shops.

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