Beautifully carved and painted wooden kachina dolls represent the many spirits and dancers in Southwest Indian Hopi ceremonies that appeal to higher forces for rain, fertile crops, and the goodness of life. Learn the identities of 275 kachinas made by important contemporary Hopi artists and on the market today. There are numerous examples of the most popular Kachinas, such as Crow Mother, Eagles, Clowns, and Maidens. Arranged alphabetically for easy reference by collectors, artists, and historians, the descriptive text and 545 spectacular color photographs present the Hopi and English names, artist identity, and images you need to accurately identify Kachinas. The current market is reflected in value ranges in the captions.
Nancy N. Schiffer has been a collector of Hopi Kachina dolls for over twenty years. Her interests in Native American life and arts has led to her other books on Southwest jewelry and textiles.

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