Household items shaped like cottages, pubs, houses, shops, other dwellings, and historic buildings are called "cottage ware" in this book. Here is a delightful study of building-shaped jugs, cookie jars, mugs, condiment sets, and breakfast dishes as well as those made for special, old-fashioned uses as night lights, pastille burners, spills, and "crime cottages" (sites of famous English crimes). More than a hundred color and black and white photographs feature over 350 different cottage ware items. They are alphabetically grouped by their makers, including English, American, and German potteries, and their markings are shown for easy identification. Current values appear in the descriptive captions.Collectors love these charming dishes because tea served from a cottage-shaped teapot brings a smile, even on the dreariest days.
About the Author: Eileen Busby taught business classes in England where her interest in history and antiques grew strong. She is the author of many travel and antiques articles and a book about Royal Winton ceramics. Today she lives in San Diego, California.

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