Discover a place where fairy tale meets history as photographer Arthur P. Richmond captures the charm of historic Victorian cottages in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Row upon row of 19th century dwellings on Martha's Vineyard have been lovingly restored in the gingerbread tradition, blending original architecture with whimsical style. Inviting front porches, ornate trims, and blossoming flowerboxes on these distinguished homes appear here in twenty dynamic postcards. At a versatile 5 x 7 inches, these cards can be displayed in a standard frame, detached and mailed to friends, or kept in this book as a souvenir of history's most magical homes. From our front porch to yours, these are the cottages of Oak Bluffs.
Arthur P. Richmond is a retired science educator who has been a photographer for over 45 years. His images are found in books, calendars, and postcards, as well as on display at several galleries in Massachusetts.

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