This detailed and fascinating text explores the twentieth century ceramic arts of R. Guy Cowan. Amply illustrated with over 1120 images in color and black and white, the book includes glaze and shape guides which assist the reader in identifying Cowan's pottery. Invaluable details are provided about Cowan's pottery and ceramic sculptural art, his professional history as a potter and a teacher, the various artists who worked closely with him and their pottery, the history of Cowan's potting firm, and his influence on the ceramic arts and upon Cleveland's artistic heritage. Additional information includes a study of Cowan's pottery marks and their dating, a 1929 price list of Cowan's pottery, museum holdings of interest to Cowan collectors, and a general price guide to Cowan pottery. An extensive bibliography and an index of proper names make the book invaluable for collectors and historians alike.
Mark Bassett has been a collector and dealer of American and European art pottery for over a decade. He earned a Ph.D. in English, specializing in the theory and practice of biography. Victoria Naumann is a Curatorial Associate of the Cowan Pottery Museum at the Rocky River Public Library and edits the semi-annual Cowan Pottery Journal, which she founded

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