Jimmy Ng's work has been displayed at The Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach and the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach. Ng's napkin mastery has also been profiled in Southern Living magazine.
"Jimmy adds a new dimension to napkins, which I love...different ways of folding them adds fun to every table!!"  - Cornelia Guest, Designer, author and correspondent Creative Napkins and Table Settings is full of youthful imagination and good old-fashioned American fun colorful and celebratory!"  - John Loring, Former design director at Tiffany & Co."Creative Napkins & Table Settings truly aces the art of setting a table with colorful napkins and table decor. Jimmy Ng pulls back the curtain to show us how to fold napkins that are elegant and fun.  This book is a must-have treasure."  - Dorothea Johnson, Founder, The Protocol School of Washington Jimmy has done for the table setting and napkin what I've managed to do with the oceanfront real estate market. Let Jimmy's new book Creative Napkins and Table Settings show you how to host a high-class event  - Frank McKinney, Real Estate Artist & 5x best-selling author, frank-mckinney.com.Jimmy Ng knows has a gift for turning an ordinary table into a work of art. From garden parties to baby showers, his beautifully illustrated book is filled with decorating ideas for every occasion. It a must-have for anyone who loves to entertain. - Jacqueline Whitmore, International etiquette expert and author of Poised for Success

"If you are seeking a way to make your guests feel extra-special and also have a sure-fire conversation starter, read and learn from this book. Jimmy Ng's creativity and loving attention to detail will make any table come to life. Who wouldn't be completely charmed by the Baby Shower napkin fold that looks exactly like a onesie, in a unisex color, of course - Bonnie Low-Kramen, Author of Be the Ultimate Assistant: A Celebrity Assistant's Secrets to Working with Any High-powered EmployerJimmy's book of napkin folding can transform your table from an ordinary setting into an Elegant Affair. A must buy - Andrea Correale, President of Elegant Affair Catering.Straight-forward and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Whether you entertain regularly or just want to have a casual dinner with your family, Jimmy Ng book is able to guide you through your next event. - John Sunkel, President of Palm Beach Catering"The step-by-step instructions in Jimmy's Creative Napkins & Table Settings are easy to follow and great for the novice entertainer. I'm sure I will be using some of the napkin folds as inspiration for one of my next soirees!"  - Danielle D. Rollins, author of Soir Entertaining with Style and Gracious Living & Stylish Entertaining expert.What a beautiful and useful book! Jimmy Ng shows the reader creative and exciting ways to entertain with elegance and ease. The end result? Beautiful table settings that will make guests feel all the more welcome and special.  - Peggy Post, Director of The Emily Post Institute and co-author of Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th edition.Mr. Ng truly has displayed a designer's eye in creating in Creative Napkins & Table Settings. The book is a wonderful addition to the repertoire for creative table settings for employers who are looking for ideas for spicing up for ladies luncheons, special occasions, and charity events.  - Mary Louise Starkey, First Lady of Service, Starkey International Institute for Household Management (Service@starkeyintl.com).Jimmy imaginative tabletop creations bring personality and beauty to any occasion.  - Fabio Trabocchi, Chef-owner of Fiola and Casa Luca."I am delighted that Jimmy Ng has been able to put his passion napkin-folding and table settings” into an easy-to-use book so that EVERYONE can duplicate his creative napkin folds."  - Martha Nesbit , Author, Savannah Celebrations Creative Napkins & Table Settings is an essential reference for anyone who wants to take their table from 'this is lovely' to 'this looks like it is going to be fun.'" - Robert Hickey, Deputy Director, The Protocol School of Washington

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