College ghosts are a little like college mascots ?just about every school has one and they add a dash of spice to the college experience. Drawn from across North America, coast to coast, here's a directory of ghosts, spirits, specters, and apparitions who haunt educational institutions from small community colleges to great universities. This collection of terrifying tales and alarming anecdotes relates more than 140 schools' eerie experiences with the afterlife. It includes the the mischevious ghost of George Gipp, University of Notre Dame's legendary football hero, and the quiet, restless ghost of playwright Eugene O'Neill in Boston University's Shelton Hall. It is guaranteed to send a chill up your spine and keep you up late.
Catherine Lower, from Southfield, Michigan, is a graduate student in technology management (at Eastern Michigan University) and director of special events. Cynthia Thuma , from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is the coordinator of communications and publications at Broward Community College.

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