The Cycling Wangdoos is an imaginative, fun to read rhyming tale of a Tibetan racing team who ride on a six-seater bicycle with a wacky yak on back. They have a long record of winning races by working together, until the smallest Wangdoo begins to think he? pulling more than his fair share of the weight. Find out what happens when his discontentment quickly spreads through the team and the Wangdoos? race takes a dangerous turn. When the race is over, the riders are left with a hard-learned lesson?hat teams work best when everyone does their part. Laugh-out-loud illustrations bring this delightful story to life. Ages 0-6.
Kelly Pulley works from his Tennessee home writing and illustrating children? picture books. Some of his titles are:?Bicycling Rules of the Road,?Good News of Great Joy,?Food for a Fish,?The Biggest and Toughest,?David for Lunch, and?Treasury of Bible Stories. He is best known for illustrating the best-selling, most recent edition of?The Beginner? Bible.
“It's been fun to read Cycling Wangdoos to my son and I hope that all junior cyclists can enjoy the book as much as we do. It's a great family book about enjoying the best sport in the world.” –Kristin Armstrong, Professional Cyclist and 3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

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