This highly illustrated volume covers the variety of armored cars used by Czech forces during World War I, and the Russian Civil War, as well as its post-WWI use in Italy and Slovakia. Along with details of armored car design, manufacturers, construction, and variants, the book covers Czech armored unit formations and their extensive operational use during the First World War. Special sections cover vehicle camouflage and markings, technical specifications, and uniforms and biographies of noted personalities.
Tom? Jakl(b.1972) studied archivist and finished his MA in Charles University, Prague. He worked for five years in Prague Municipal Archives, and since 2002, he has worked as a historian at the Military History Institute in Prague. He is focused on Czechoslovak participation in both World Wars of the twentieth century.Bernard Panu?(b.1977) graduated from the Military high school of Jan ?zka in Prague. Currently, he is a member of the Czech Republic Police. Since his youth, he has been interested in badges, symbols, and uniforms?specially of Czechoslovak Legions in Russia?nd publishes frequently on this topic.Ji??Tint?ra (b.1945) studied electrical engineering. He worked in the ?KD plant for many years in defectoscopy as controller. In the 1980s, he founded the Difrologick? club (Diphrology Club), which in socialist Czechoslovakia covered enthusiasts of AFVs under cover of ad-hoc created ?iphrology Science??the science of military vehicles.

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