Dance is a rhythmic movement of the human body, a form of expression that allows one to creatively experience a wide range of emotions. In this new art quilt book, see how 60 artists rose to the challenge and created an 18 x 30 inch quilt that reflected the theme, "Dare to Dance: An Artist's Interpretation of Joy." In every life, there are moments of pain, struggle, and joy, and each of these quilts share the artists' own personal, unique story. Some quilters found joy in happy times spent with family. Some expressed their joy in overcoming steep obstacles. Others created a quilt to express support for social causes while still others simply wanted to share the joy they feel when they are dancing. Be inspired by the design, awed by the talent, or simply touched by the stories contained in these works of art.
Mary Kerr is an American Quilt Society certified appraiser and an award-winning quilter. She is a quilt historian whose lectures and workshops focus on quilt history and the preservation of antique textiles. Her current work marries her love of all things vintage with the freedom of expression that is encouraged in our Art Quilt community.

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