Here is a unique vision of "life's backdrop," a virtual tour of the Art Deco style, encompassing every room in the house, from attic to basement. Hundreds of porcelain, glass, and metal decorative objects of the 1920s-1930s period have been photographed and organized by their appropriate settings.This is an intimate guide to Deco decor: how exquisite decorative accessories, chosen to reflect individual taste, can complement all that surrounds them. Making the journey a fascinating one is an informative, entertaining text, with biographies of Deco designers Camille Tharaud, Edouard-Marcel Sandoz, Charles Schneider, Lurelle Guild, and others. Current price estimates are also given for the pieces shown in nearly 700 gorgeous photos. Also shown are Deco-contemporary images from vintage magazines and catalogs.
Donald-Brian Johnson, author, and Leslie Pina, photographer and designer, are the authors of numerous Schiffer books, including a four-book series on the Chase Brass & Copper Co. Johnson lives in Nebraska, and Pi? lives in Ohio.

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