You love the beach. You always have. You share that with millions who went before you. You'll pass it on to those that come after. Through an image scrapbook of over 480 vintage postcards from the early 1900s into the 1960s, join the masses who first sought recreation and retreat along the coastal waters of Delaware and Maryland. Whether Ocean City, Rehobeth, St. Augustine, Bower?, Lewes or Bethany beaches, people fell in love and made their way back again and again. Be it the sun caressing the horizon at daybreak in Bethany, going barefoot in the hot afternoon sand at Rehoboth, or strolling the moonlit beach to the rhythmic sound of the Ocean City surf, the mystical allure of the coast outlives us all.
Lee Dixon is a full-time postcard dealer and an avid collector of Maryland and Delaware postcards. He lives in Maryland, but Delaware is as close as a ?alk through the woods.? Lee blends together an ?ngoing affair?with our coastal resorts and a knowledge of local postcards that are brought to life in the messages from fellow beach lovers spanning more than half a century.

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