While Bob Brenner has been a leading authority on holiday collectibles, he long ago started collecting Depression glass as well. Recognizing its beauty in both pattern and color, Bob started seeking more information about this elegant tableware. While his main devotion was to Christmas, he amassed thousands of pieces to be displayed in his home in the months when the Brenners were not decorated for holidays. Of course, Royal Ruby is displayed every Christmas and Valentine's Day. His love of craftsmanship and design kept his interest in Depression Glass alive until this opportunity was presented to produce a book which would help collectors appreciate the beauty of this tableware as well as aid collectors in pricing this molded glass of the 1920s and 1930s. Bob teaches high school in Princeton, Wisconsin. He continues to lecture nationally as well as curate major exhibits at such institutions as the Smithsonian, Chinqua-Penn in Reidsville, NC, Pabst Mansion of Milwaukee, WI, and many other national museums. His 1920s and 1930s exhibits often include Depression glass in period settings with the Christmas decorations. In his spare time, he continues to hunt for Depression glass as well as for holiday decorations and history. Auctions, flea markets, antique shows, garage sales, estate sales, and antique shops are favorite destinations for Bob in his quest to preserve the rich cultural history of our past for the future.

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