Dexter is the top goat at the petting zoo, but he? not the bravest, much to his embarrassment. He has the longest, smoothest, and straightest horns of all eleven goats, and he? very good at using them to keep the others in line. He? also a very good boy. Dexter never grabs the paper maps out of visitors?hands or sneaks into the alpaca pen for an afternoon grain snack. But he? secretly afraid of some things, like the generator, the big green ball, and--horror of horrors--having his hooves trimmed. Follow the zoo-yard adventures of this irascible goat and find what goes on inside his head as he learns to overcome his fears.?
Jean M. Malone is an author, librarian, and former zoo volunteer. She lives in middle Tennessee with her husband and spends her free time being herded by a very naughty Australian cattle dog. Jia Min Lim is a Hertfordshire creative who specializes in illustration, character design, and making bespoke stuffed toys. She lives in the UK, where she can almost always be found equipped with a pencil, sketchbook, and ukulele.

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