On the way to a doctor checkup, a young child asks an important question: Do animals that live in really cold places ever get sick? From the same author as Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists?, this picture book uses Arctic and Antarctic creatures to lessen anxiety about the doctor. Can penguins catch pneumonia? Can a caribou get chicken pox? By introducing ailments through charmingly drawn animals, this humorous look at common childhood illnesses will ease the fears and worries many kids have about visiting the doctor. The colorfully illustrated story contains 14 common terms related to children? health, as well as a glossary of fun, scientific facts about each of the animals featured.

Patrick O?onnell has been writing stories since he was eight years old, and he? been known to resist going to the doctor when he? sick. He? held many jobs, including copy editor, cook, landscaper, photographer, and even small-engine mechanic?ut his favorite two jobs are writer and father. His two boys had their own fears about going to the pediatrician, especially if the visit involved needles! Things they?e not afraid of, in no particular order, include Hot Wheels, reading, video games, leaving laundry and Legos on the floor, and story time.

Raised by wolves in the deep jungles of India after a tiger attack separated him from his family . . . wait, sorry, wrong bio. Here we go: Erik Mehlen is an American illustrator who has won multiple awards, including three ADDYs and accolades from the Society of Illustrators. He studied at Atlanta College of Art and earned his BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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