Schwoes can be teeny or tall, big or small, but Franklin is the largest of them all! Overweight, his self-esteem droops lower than the many chins that hang from his jowls. Franklin loves to eat! Concerned, his parents take Par-zee-no's biggest Schwoe to the doctor, who gives Franklin some simple advice?eat less! exercise!""?nd a secret incentive to shed his extra pounds. With resolve and determination Franklin embarks on the challenging journey to become a Schwoe with just one chin. Charmingly illustrated by Bob Stuhmer. young readers will delight in Franklin's transformation and cheer him on as he follows ""doctor's orders"" and learns that the biggest reward for all that hard work is a happier healthier him. Early reader?ges 5-8.
Barbara E. Mauzy is a retired elementary school teacher and reading specialist. As a mother and grandmother she recognizes first-hand the importance of guiding children so they develop strong morals and decent values. This is her third Schwoe book.

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