Of all the Allied bombers of WWII, the Douglas A-20 Havoc is probably the least well known, but was a major contributor to the air war effort, flying yeoman and unheralded missions not only for the USAAF, but also for the Royal Air Forces of Britain, South Africa, and Australia; the Vichy and Free French Air Forces; and most importantly, for the Soviet Army and Navy Air Forces, where more A-20s flew than with the USAAF. This is the sixth in the "Ultimate Look" series and presents the same meticulous depth of research as the other books, using a multitude of original sources, technical manuals, and photographs. It includes an in-depth look into the history of the Douglas Company, its founder, Donald Douglas, and its legendary designer, Ed Heinemann. This book is truly the definitive look at the Havoc.
Dr. Wolf is a retired dentist whose passion is WWII air combat, having over 22,000 books and three miles of microfilm on WWII in his library. He is the author of 16 in-depth books and numerous articles on WWII aviation history. Among his books are histories of VMF-323, the 13th, and 5th (in 3 volumes) Air Forces, a six-volume ?ltimate Look?series on AAF bombers (B-29, B-32, B-18, B-25, B-26, A-20), a three-volume set on U.S. Aircraft Armament in WWII, and a two-volume set on U.S. aces, pilots, and aircraft (vol. 1) and fighter-bomber pilots in the ETO/MTO (vol.2).

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