Dwarf and median bearded irises are the little floral jewels of the gardening world, extending the iris season by six to eight weeks with great panache. Relatively new on the horticultural scene, these small and miniature replicas of larger bearded irises have nevertheless taken it by storm, because their 4-to-27-inch height makes them the perfect size for most American gardens. Dr. Kevin Vaughn, who has hybridized these irises over a 50-year period in diverse climates, describes all five dwarf and median bearded iris classes. He offers suggestions both for historical and modern cultivars, describes best cultivation practices, and details hybridizing methods. Lavishly illustrated with nearly 200 color photos of outstanding specimens, this comprehensive book is both for beginners who want to try some of the hottest perennials on the market, and for seasoned iris growers who want to learn more about their favorite plant. .

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