For one hundred years, the Fenton Art Glass Company of Williamstown, West Virginia, has been producing spectacular glass tableware and gift items. Displayed in over 870 brilliant color images are the best, rarest, and most coveted of Fenton's early production, from the early 1900s through the 1930s. They include Carnival Glass, American Iridescent Stretch Glass, Freehand Hanging Hearts, Karnak Red and Mosaic, Art Deco Dancing Ladies vases and urns in unusual colors, Two-Tone stretch and opaque candlesticks, September Morn Nymphs, #1639 Elizabeth, Lincoln Inn, and Satin Etchings. Also in this valuable guide are dating and pricing information, important collecting tips, numbers of pieces known in given production lines, and values in the captions. Everyone who loves art glass needs this book!
Thomas K. Smith has been collecting and dealing in glass for many years. A long-time resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, he has served on the boards of two national glass clubs.

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