This book is different from your typical how-to guide for ghost hunting. It? designed to give the empath, and anyone sensitive to energy, tools for accepting things that go bump in the night. Empathic ghost hunters will learn to depend not only on the energy of the living, but that of the dead as they search out paranormal activity. Each chapter includes a story, taken from the authors?experiences in their own ghost-hunting practice, as well as a lesson for empaths or those wishing to better their empathy skills. Find out how to "lighten" a space, a house, or a life, by changing the energy, thereby allowing ghosts to move on. Discover what an empath feels and what he/she can do to work with the gift of empathy. Now you can unravel and demystify the phenomena of the paranormal, and bring light to a subject fraught with fear and misunderstanding.
Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson are ordained spiritualist ministers, shamanic healers, psychics, teachers, and paranormal investigators with more than thirty years?experience helping those to understand their empathic gifts. With their many varied encounters with the paranormal, they assist those who experience ghosts and hauntings to comprehend the whys and hows of hauntings and paranormal experiences from an empathic point of view.

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