Empathy can help you on your quest to understand life and destiny. Do you often feel as though you are being blindly pulled along?earching for answers, trying to make sense of why things happen the way they do? Is it possible the answer is right in front of you? Discover via twelve lessons why you are here and why your gift of empathy is so valuable to your search for your destiny. Delve into your own timeline and learn the ways it can help you comprehend your life and determine why your existence is the way it is. Explore how your life is designed to teach you to make energetic choices and how to fight becoming the victim of energy you feel. This follow-up book to The Reluctant Empath goes deeper into the gift of empathy and how to use it effectively. Understand why you have the power to navigate your own life?ight now.
Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson are ordained Spiritualist Ministers, shamanic healers, psychics, and teachers with years of experience helping those to understand their empathic gifts and lead a more fulfilling life. Their first book, The Reluctant Empath began teaching the quest.

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