Ever wish you had a magic wand to wave when a creative project wasn’t going the way you wanted it to? Enchanting Creativity is a book to help the artist find their happily-ever-after using a unique blend of fairy tales, dreams, rituals, and journaling, along with practical applications. Within the metaphoric structure of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, the book provides readers with techniques to remember, record, and work with waking and sleeping dreams; methods to expand the dream experience or as an alternative to dreaming; and tips to develop and use rituals to honor dreams and creative work. A fairy tale weaves its way through the chapters, providing an exploration of the creative process, while the author’s personal creative experiences and those of her clients offer examples of dream and/or oracle work, journaling questions, and simple rituals. Create a bridge between the practical and the imaginal worlds and watch the power of your creative magic express itself.

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