There are really two books in this volume; one an historical study of Parisian artist Louis Icart's famous etchings of the early twentieth century, and the other a chronological catalog of all of Icart's known etchings. Both sections are vital information for collectors, art historians and dealers who want to date, identify and interpret the work of this prolific, stylish, and reflective artist. During his forty year artistic career, Louis Icart portrayed beautiful women through joyful, witty, and often poignant images. Icart's etchings are once again being collected and adored, just as they were between the two world wars.
S. Michael Schnessel has written two previous books about Louis Icart. He is a professional play-write and screenwriter, and co-owns a Princeton, New Jersey art gallery, The Exhumation, specializing in vintage posters.Mel Karmel co-owns the New York City Louis Icart Gallery, and is a professional artist, designer, photo-engraver, and color separator.

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