Follow the zany adventures of a seemingly normal and harmless mailbox brought to life by a scientist and see what happens when a boring menu item takes on a life of its own. What would you do if your favorite snack started levitating? Find out in this riveting tale of danger, excitement, friendship, and a furry mailbox. The Evil Mailbox and the Super Burrito brings to life that classic American dinner table staple, meatloaf, and the imaginative creatures that live in junkyards and forests to join the Evil Mailbox and his friends, Bob and Schmuzzy, in a twisted tale of hunger, adventure, and the search for the Super Burrito. Middle grades?ges 8-12.
Garry Wagner-Robertson enjoys designing and constructing puppets, as well as developing stories about their origins and adventures. He currently attends elementary school in Southeastern Pennsylvania and lives with his parents and younger sister.Connie Wagner-Robertson is the proud mother of the author. She holds a painting degree from the University of Art in Philadelphia, and has authored two Schiffer craft books.

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