This essential reference work provides a detailed study of Frederick Carder, his contributions to the Steuben Glass Works, and the captivating works of art he produced in glass. To dazzle and delight the reader, there are over 760 photographs and 450 line drawings, the vast majority of which provide illustration for 800 pieces of Steuben glass from the famous Rockwell collections. Reference material and photographs never before in print are provided. The text evaluates Carder and the Steuben Glass Works that he cofounded in 1903 in a critical light. It reviews Carder's lengthy and productive career, analyzes his changing role within the company, and places Carder's artistic contributions within the matrix of the international decorative arts industries of his time. A section valuable to all collectors is one in which many aspects of identification and evaluation are covered--signatures, relative rarity, and dating.
Thomas P. Dimitroff is a local historian and author, glass collector, and Honorary Curator of Carder Steuben Glass at the Rockwell Museum. He is also President of the Friends of Carder membership and support group at the Rockwell Museum and a Fellow of The Corning Museum of Glass.Charles R. Hajdamach is Principal Museum Officer at the Broadfield House Glass Museum, West Midlands, England. He specializes in British glass of the nineteenth century and the techniques used in production.Robert F. Rockwell III is a member of the family whose collections are the basis for the Rockwell Museum's comprehensive collection of Carder Steuben glass. He is Associate Curator at the Museum, with specialties in the glass, antique firearm, and antique toy collections.Jane Shadel Spillman is Head of the Curatorial Department and Curator of American Glass at The Corning Museum of Glass. She has published extensively on the subject of American cut and engraved glass, with major publications on the subjects of Corning's early glass heritage, glass of the White House, and the history and achievements of the Hawkes firm of Corning.Robyn G. Peterson has been Curator of Collections at the Rockwell Museum since 1988 and has co-organized half a dozen exhibitions on the subject of Carder Steuben glass. She is editor of the Rockwell Museum's publication on Carder Steuben glass, Collectors' Choice Review.

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