Barbara Purchia, a stained glass artist, has wanted to write a book for a long time. She is well known for her technical articles, papers, and presentations, both nationally and internationally, on software process improvements. She has edited Ashley Rooney's "100 Artists" book series, as well as many other books, and was delighted at this opportunity to co-author with Ashley. Ashley Rooney has established a solid reputation for her architectural, art, and design books, as well as her historical works. She has written many art books, including 100 New England Artists (2010), 100 Mid-Atlantic Artists (2011), 100 Midwestern Artists (2012), 100 Southern Artists (2012), Bespoke Furniture from 103 Artisans (2012), 100 Northwestern Artists (2013), Green Art: Trees, Leaves, and Bark (2013), Contemporary Art of the Southwest (2014), and Artists Homes and Studios (2014). In this work, she draws upon her gardening expertise.

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