Finally, here is a comprehensive guide to the Fenton art glass produced as special order items from the 1940s to 1980. Until now, few have been aware of the activities of Fenton's Special Orders Division. Over 840 striking color photos display these gorgeous glasswares produced for well known marketing companies, including L.G. Wright; Abels, Wasserberg & Co.; Macy's*TM; DeVilbiss Manufacturing Co.*TM; and Sherwin-Williams*TM.The wide ranging text includes histories of the ordering companies, useful tips on identifying these Fenton products, an extensive glossary of terms, and a detailed bibliography. Values are found in the captions and in easy-to-use tables. This book is a must for every glass enthusiast.
John Walk has been collecting, dealing in, and writing about Fenton Art Glass for many years.

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