Colonel French L. MacLean, United States Army, (Ret.), served over thirty-four years in the Senior Service. Born in Peoria, Illinois, he graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1974, and later from the Army's School of Advanced Military Studies. He has written ten military history books under the Schiffer label. The author's book, Custer's Best: The Story of Company M, 7th Cavalry at the Little Bighorn, was the recipient of the John M. Carroll Award for 2012 as the best annual book on the Battle of the Little Bighorn or George A. Custer.
Kudos for The Fifth Field are coming in and are reaffirming that this book will not only shed a light on one of the last great mysteries of World War II, but might also serve as a focal point for a much-needed national discussion on the future of the death penalty.  After only a few weeks since the publication of the book, the author has received wonderful letters from three United States Supreme Court Justices, the deans of Harvard Law, Columbia Law and Stanford Law Schools, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Judge Advocate General of the United States Army.  One of the Supreme Court Justices noted,  was not familiar with the events recounted in the book.  One of the deans wrote, It will reward serious reading, while another dean added, look forward to learning more about the soldiers you have so tirelessly researched and bring to life their stories.  On the military side, one General Officer wrote, This will be very thought provoking, while a second General Officer opined, Your demonstrated commitment to the individual lives of Soldiers and the military justice system is truly commendable.Perhaps the most poignant comment was made by the child of one of the men who did not come home from the war  one of the 96 described in The Fifth Field.  The descendant, now in old age, said, God bless you, Colonel; for 65 years, no one would tell me where my father is buried

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