Painting on silk, in its millennia-old traditional form and also in contemporary form, has become increasingly popular. With this guide, be inspired by the nearly 500 images, the visual demos, and the aspects not covered in other books. Starting with the basic skills and techniques, here is guidance on every element of the art, including setting up your studio space, painting on preconstructed clothing, and framing your art. Most importantly, enjoy learning unusual, innovative frames of mind to intensify your creative freedom, bringing new energy to your work. A special chapter, ?olor: The Workshop Experience,?offers exercises for harnessing the variety of silk dye hues. Complex layered looks, plein air painting and landscapes, critiquing, seeking authenticity, intuitive improvisation, and much more are included. The authors, founders of Silk Painters International, give thorough guidance on how to push yourself out of your comfort zone to evoke emotions in your art.
Jan Janas holds an art degree from Northern Illinois University. Her strong background in multiple art forms inspires a very artistic and contemporary approach to painting on silk. In addition to the teaching Jan has done through the years, she has written articles about painted silk, and exhibits her work in juried and invitational art shows. Her artwork hangs in private collections across the United States. Born in Egypt, Diane Tuckman gained knowledge of art by visiting Cairo? museums as a child, and later the museums of Paris when she moved to France as a teenager. She founded Ivy Imports in order to bring silk painting supplies from France to the artists of the United States. Diane teaches workshops, exhibits her work around the country, and paints yardage for silk wearables. Jan and Diane have coauthored three silk painting books and are the founders of Silk Painters International (SPIN).

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