Antique wicker furnishings are greatly cherished by collectors today. Here hundreds of charming pieces made of cane, rattan, reed, rush, and willow that are displayed in full-color photographs from private collections.Trace the evolution of wicker furniture design from 1870 to 1930, the heyday of its popularity. Learn about preeminent manufacturers of the period such as Dryad Works, Bielecky Brothers, Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Rattan Company, and Lloyd Manufacturing Company, all carefully documented with pertinent examples of their work. A useful discussion of care and restoration of antique pieces is included. A wide variety of wicker furniture styles are highlighted, from ornate Victorian to Art Deco.The chairs, rockers, tables, baby carriages, sofas, loveseats, desks, and ferneries that you've seen tucked in grandmother's attic or prominently displayed at the local antique store are very valuable. Take a stroll through the decades when wicker furniture was a staple inside and outside homes all across the world. And take this book along when shopping for wicker--an up-to-date price guide will help you with your buying and selling decisions.

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