A wonderful collection of fine decoys and calls from the Great Lakes region, shown in over 1100 color photographs, along with original vintage black and white photos, extensive related literature, and a price guide. For centuries the massive watershed system of lakes and rivers in the Great Lakes region has beckoned hunters and fishermen to its teeming waters and forests. To aid them in their hunt they have produced a wealth of fowl and fish decoys and calls. Over the years these practical tools have come to be appreciated as beautiful examples of folk art. They now sit on display in museums and private collections around the country. Here is a great selection of these fine decoys and calls, accompanied by the stories of those who created and used them. The pieces illustrated range from the finest museum-quality artifacts to collectibles that are more likely to turn up at a local auction, garage sale, flea market, or antique mall. The seasoned collector will appreciate viewing quality pieces from private collections that are rarely available to the public. An extensive bibliography and appendix provide valuable sources for information, organizations, periodicals, and auction companies to add to one's collecting experience.
Donna Tonelli is one of the country? leading authorities on sporting collectibles. Her books and articles have become standard references for collectors, and with her husband, Joseph, she has built an extensive collection of artifacts and histoical information.

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