Florida is the land of pink flamingos, bathing beauties, palm trees, coconuts, and beaches. It is a tourist mecca and a treasure trove of souvenirs. This book is a salute to the popular Florida tourist culture of the 1940s through the 1970s, when mostly northern tourists embraced the Florida sun and beaches with open arms, discovering along with Florida's natural beauty, a lot of kooky kitsch. Kitsch is colorful, funky, fun, and collectible. This book, with its 250 photos, remembers the nostalgic, whimsical objects often bought on impulse, brought home as gifts or mementos, and then relegated to shelves, attics, and bathrooms to sit for years, undusted, as visible reminders of happy trips. Whether a native of Florida, a seasonal visitor, or one in need of a getaway, this book is sure to evoke a bit of Florida sunshine for all.
The Authors, Myra Yellin Outwater and Eric Outwater have written three other Schiffer Books: Advertising Dolls (1997), Ocean Liner Collectibles (1998) and Judaica (1999).

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