Want to know how the pros go after flounder-AKA fluke? This is the book for you. Tackle, tactics, and techniques of the masters are exposed in this one-of-a-kind how-to fishing book. Learn how, when, and where you can boost your catch rate. Examine drift fishing, trolling, jigging, and several secret techniques. Explore how and when to choose one type of bait over another, the most effective lures in each fishing situation, and top flounder hotspots. Author Keith Kaufman, as a professional in the sportfishing industry, is respected; on the water, he is feared?y the fish. And one of his favorite species to chase is the tasty, hard-fighting flounder. In this book, he shares all the insight and hard-won knowledge he's accumulated over the years. You want to be a more successful flounder fisherman? Keith will show you the way.
Keith Kaufman is field editor for The Fisherman magazine and for Chesapeake Angler, correspondent for the Reading Eagle newspaper, and a speaker at fishing seminars and outdoor shows. Keith also writes how-to, where-to fishing stories, fishing reports, product review columns, advertising copy, and conservation articles.

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