Now in its revised fifth edition, this popular volume combines recent and classic research with hundreds of all-color photographs to survey Flow Blue ceramics, the much sought after and highly prized table and kitchen ware items that graced so many Victorian tables. The values, conveniently located in the captions, have been updated to reflect current market prices. Included is an ever-valuable index of patterns found in all five of Mr. Snyder's Flow Blue books. The beautiful color photographs, arranged by chronological and stylistic periods, document the changes in Flow Blue patterns and forms throughout the nineteenth century. Everyday objects as well as rare artifacts are portrayed side-by-side to inform and excite beginning and experienced collectors alike. Common and unusual marks from English, American, and European manufacturers accompany the photographs.The history of Flow Blue, its unusual and distinctive decoration, vessel forms, use, and dating techniques are all covered by an archaeologist whose eye for detail make this a valuable collector's guide.
Jeffrey B. Snyder is an experienced author, editor, public speaker, and historical archaeologist. He has written five volumes on Flow Blue. He resides in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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