The many 19th and 20th century American Indian collectibles showcased in this book especially embrace authentic weapons and weapon cases, horse gear, tools, stone pipes, and ceremonial items. Actual old trade goods, such as Hudson's Bay collectibles, trade beads, trade cloth, and trade blankets, are also featured. Contemporary replicas of traditional Indian art appear, including clothing, ornamented blankets, pouches and bags, parfleches, and more. Extensive text provides valuable information for collectors on identifying old and new artifacts, plus fascinating background on Indian "hobbyists" around the world. The range of items in each category is comprehensive, and detailed descriptions will be useful for both sellers and collectors. The values reflect actual auction estimates and results. The authors' companion volume, The New Four Winds Guide to American Indian Artifacts, has more Indian-made items of both old and new vintage.
The authors are longtime traders at the Four Winds Indian Trading Post in St. Ignatius, Montana, and have over fifty years experience with authentic goods. They are also the authors of The New Four Winds Guide to American Indian Artifacts.

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