The American fraktur tradition began about 1740 in southeast Pennsylvania, but quickly spread to other states, and remains popular even today. For centuries, these cherished hand-written and watercolor decorated paper manuscripts have embodied a richness of tradition and culture, blending text with riotous color and Pennsylvania Dutch design. Having roots in medieval European decorated manuscript art, fraktur celebrate family events such as births, baptisms, and marriages among some of America's earliest immigrants of German and Swiss heritage. 230+ photographs, many full page, present exquisite examples of three centuries of American fraktur, interwoven with insightful historical details, information on the making of fraktur, and techniques for preserving these delicate documents. The colorful pages will delight and stimulate curiosity among historians, scholars, and all who appreciate art to explore the hidden treasures that lie at the heart of these charming manuscripts.
Corinne & Russell Earnest have each authored numerous articles on genealogy and fraktur. In 1997, the Earnests co-authored the second edition of the two-volume Papers for Birth Dayes: Guide to the Fraktur Artists and Scriveners. They are members of numerous genealogical and historical societies having Pennsylvania German focus.

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