What inspiration awaits within a museum? In this rare venture, a group of 14 Resident Artists from The Clay Studio worked with 7 curators to explore the Philadelphia Museum of Art? art storage vaults.This catalog?nd its accompanying exhibition at The Clay Studio?eveals the thoughts, inspirations, and creative drive shared by the artists and curators. After researching and handling artifacts in an art museum? storage, each artist chose a museum object and went back to their studio to create a new work of art in response. The resulting artworks, beautifully photographed here, are accompanied by the artists?thoughtful reactions to the experience, along with candid views of the works in progress in their studios. The curators, too, describe their ?ha moments?in three luminous essays. For both artists and curators, this journey from storage to studio in Philadelphia has been revelatory and points the way to exciting future possibilities for artists, curators, museums, and gallery visitors everywhere.
The Clay Studio inspires curiosity and discovery through the art and craft of clay, drawing together artists, students, and an engaged public into a welcoming community. Every day in our galleries, studios, and classrooms we deepen the connection between people and clay with the highest-quality exhibitions and programs. Founded in 1974, The Clay Studio continues in the belief that shared creativity is fundamental to humanity and a critical force for good. www.theclaystudio.org

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