Gaia (Mother Nature) is the primal Greek goddess said by ancients to have given birth to the sky, sea, mountains, and all of creation. This beautiful 78-card contemporary and mythical Tarot set with accompanying spiritual guide has a focus on the healing of the earth and of the self. The Major Arcana cards represent 22 soul lessons and archetypes that grew out of the religious and mystical worldview of Renaissance Europe. The Minors illustrate elements, numbers, and people. Interpretations include uprights and reverse divinatory meanings, themes, exercises, symbolism, journal questions, affirmations, and ten spreads. Sometimes the cards illustrate part of the world we live in, sometimes they show the realms of spirit, and sometimes they inhabit the borderlines between the two. Gaian spirituality understands that humans, plants, animals, stones, and stars are all inextricably linked?hen one strand is pulled, the entire web is affected. Especially intended for those who practice earth-centered spirituality.
Joanna Powell Colbert has been an artist, teacher, and convener of circles for over thirty years. She was named by SageWoman magazine as one of the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality movement. Joanna teaches workshops and e-courses on earth-?centered spirituality, seasonal contemplative practices, creativity as a devotional path, the Divine Feminine, and using Tarot as a tool for inner guidance and self-?exploration. She joyfully hosts Gaian Soul Retreats several times each year. The Gaian Tarot, nine years in the making, combines her love of symbolic, archetypal art with the mysteries of the natural world. She lives on a small, magical island in the Salish Sea near Bellingham, Washington. There, daily encounters with the mysteries of the natural world continue to inspire and inform her work.

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