This vast compilation references thousands of gas pump globes made for the major oil companies, from P-to-U (Pennzoil through Utoco) and their affiliates, as well as generic globes, and globes from independent companies and foreign firms. Over 1000 color photographs illustrate this voluminous text. Affiliated oil companies are listed under the major companies to which they are tied. A useful alphabetical cross reference to affiliated companies is provided to assist readers in quickly locating the smaller firms. This text also guides the reader through the distinctions between different gas pump globe types produced, lists reproduction globes manufactured over the years, and explains how the original, and highly collectible, gas pump globes of years gone by are valued in the collector's market. An index is also provided. Finally, values are provided for both the globes displayed in photographs and for the thousands that are listed in the text.
Scott Benjamin and Wayne Henderson have been dealing in and collecting gas pump globes for many years. They have also written extensively on this subject, including Gas Globes: Amoco to Mobil & Affiliates--the companion to this volume.

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