First-hand paranormal experiences are related from Minnesota's most haunted places. Read about actively haunted Lakeview Cemetery, where the Potter's Field for Shaw Hospital was located and a ghostly potato garden spirit who resides at Moon Lake, making rounds through the house that sits on its grave. Eavesdrop on a paranormal investigation at Union Depot, where a bodiless apparition moves between train cars. Join singing star Barry Cowsill who haunts a Grand Marais home. Gather tips from the first-rate investigative team, Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators, who guide you through some of the best ghostly hangouts in the country. Minnesota's ghosts will haunt you.
Brian Leffler has been researching ghostly activity for over ten years and has developed unique ideas about the paranormal. He wants to prove important theories, as he and the Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators pursue ghosts over the coming years.

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