Alcatraz Island has a chilling history. Surrounded by icy waters, enshrouded by thick fog, and wrapped in whistling wind, it is no surprise to find that it is haunted. In fact, there is so much sadness, desperation, torture, and death in its past, it's almost impossible to believe that there aren't spirits there. Learn about famous prisoners who haunt the island and of those unnamed folks who continue to linger there. Hear Al Capone's mournful banjo and Robert "Birdman" Stroud's shriek in the wind. Find Smitty, the amazing escape artist, and Rufe McCain, who was murdered by a monster. Visit with unsettled spirits on Alcatraz, but make sure you catch the last boat home?AuthorName]Kathryn Vercillo[/AuthorName]
Kathryn Vercillo is a full-time writer who loves living in San Francisco but loves to live there! In doing the research, Kathryn spent time at Alcatraz, learning its story. Adam Vogt is a photographer frequently spotted around San Francisco scene, capturing city moments on film and networking with the world around him.

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