St. Louis is a modern metropolis still rich with legends dating back to the early Native Americans, and a history that lives on through many spirits that refuse to die. ?Visit the infamous Lemp Mansion and discover its scandalous history; a tragic tale of a wealthy family plagued by multiple suicides, madness, depression, and public ridicule.?Read about the Gehm House, if you dare, where footsteps fall where no man walks and visitors are attacked as they sleep. ?Learn about Building 28 at the haunted Jefferson Barracks.?See spirits of children floating on the lawn of the haunted Rock House. ?And don't forget to peer back into the past to see the ghost-infested McDowell Medical College!A ghost-lovers paradise, these and other tales will haunt you.
Bryan W. Alaspa is the science fiction/action author of two novels, The Ballad of the Blue Denim Gang and The Vanished Child. He is a contributing writer of the serial novel "Sin-Eater,?at

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