This book presents glass candle holders within a broad range of styles, prices, and eras--from the simplest votive to the most elegant candelabra, there is something for everyone! The candle holders are arranged alphabetically by manufacturer, and include representatives from Cambridge, Fostoria, Fry, Imperial, Lancaster, McKee, Tiffin, and more. Various examples from the Roaring '20s and Depression Era are included, with special etchings, cuttings, and treatments. In addition, candle holders from newer, smaller U.S. companies and numerous imports are identified. From Avon to Yugoslavia, over 520 color photographs showcase an array of tempting colors, styles, treatments, and sizes of candle holders. This is a must for beginners and experienced collectors alike. Price guide and extensive bibliography included.
Sherry Riggs and Paula Pendergrass are sisters, antiques dealers, and glass candle holder aficionados. They are also the authors of two previous books on collectible glass candle holders.

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