This reprint edition is the definitive book on the Steuben Glass Works and co-founder Frederick Carder. The special types of glass for which he was famed in the 1890-1930s era are presented, including Aurene, Tyrian, Verre de Soie, Cyprian, Ivrene, Cintra, Cluthra, Intarsia, Diatreta, and others, as well as all colors and the engraved, cut, and etched patterns.The photographs and line drawings from the Steuben catalogs bring the glass to life. A new Foreword by David Whitehouse and an Introduction by Paul N. Perrot, both of The Corning Museum of Glass, introduce this edition to a new generation of glass enthusiasts. The chapter on Carder's "rediscovery" of the lost wax process and the reproduction of the various Steuben trademarks and Carder's signatures help make this a superlative reference work for collectors, dealers, artists, designers, and historians.
Paul V. Gardner (1908?994) was curator of Ceramics and Glass at the Smithsonian Institution. In the late 1920s, he became Frederick Carder? assistant for twelve years. He is uniquely qualified to tell the Carder story and explain his methods and techniques.

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